Tuesday, November 9, 2010

USA:Fashion trends to be led by 'Female Knight in Shining Armor'

Fashion trends to be led by Female Knight in Shining Armor


Fashion trends to be led by Female Knight in Shining Armor

If an outfit, a logo, a symbol of respect to females could be used to unlock the direction the garment trade is going in the future, PROJECT 2011 fashion event and Model casting may hold the key.

PROJECT 2011's "In Females We Trust" huge fashion extravaganza that has been in preparation this past year, will present the Bijou Champagne Horses and "Female Knight in Shining Armor" outfit to the attendees of the Model Casting/Audition and After Party to be held at SMASHBOX STUDIOS (1011 Fuller Avenue, West Hollywood) on December 4, 2010.

"PROJECT 2011" is inspired by and dedicated to the celebration of women entrepreneurs who have lead the way for the up and coming generations. It is for this reason that the chosen logo for the event is the horse that carried the knights into tournaments where homage was paid to the ladies. Bijou Champagne Horses were designed exclusively for the celebration of females the world over.

The outfit worn by the female "Knight in Shining Armor" is symbolic of the strength and courage of women as well as their beauty. Just as the knights of old paid homage to their ladies, this outfit was designed to pay tribute to the inherent qualities of women.

The Champagne Horses will lead the Model Registration event symbolizing the steed ridden by the armed knight of the jousting field that recognized the worthiness of women to which PROJECT 2011 pays tribute. These majestic horses were once used to carry knights in their armor into battle, then they were used to deliver beer from the breweries and to cart heavy loads. Now they are dressed up in Swarovski crystals, designed and made ready to carry the world of fashion forward.

The Model Casting/Audition on December 4th at SMASHBOX STUDIOS is a unique event that will bring together photographers, stylists and many others involved in the fashion industry.

The white ensemble presented on the model (who was personally selected by PROJECT 2011) is symbolic of many of the qualities of successful women. The fitted jacket with zipper closure is encrusted with Swarovski crystals that serve as a reminder of the shining armor worn by those that know that a strong exterior is often necessary in business as in life.

The huge crystallized stars at each shoulder represent the mace - a weapon used by knights engaged in battles that protected their homelands - shaped as a star, to place honor and stardom on the shoulders of the women that have given so much of themselves.

The Model Casting/Audition and After Party is being given in preparation for the fashion extravaganza that will be held in 2011. This event will stimulate activity and growth in the garment and beauty industry in order to create jobs while putting forth a new concept in doing business in the world of fashion.  

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