Monday, January 25, 2010

USA:Super Stretch line - timeless look & feel of premium denim


Fidelity Denim, an internationally recognized leader in denim design, announced the early delivery of its new Super Stretch line of denim jeans produced with Fidelity’s proprietary Italian made Super Stretch fabrications.

Balking a conservative, single style approach for April delivery, Fidelity is breaking away from industry standards by boldly offering a February delivery of Super Stretch in three new washes across four bodies for the premium/luxury denim market. In keeping with the company’s commitment to motivate consumers to buy luxury denim in 2010, Fidelity’s competitive Price-point compliments the game changing fit and comfort of Super Stretch giving hesitant consumers good reason to buy new denim.

With all the buzz surrounding stretch jeggings and skinny jeans, competitors have shown how reserved the market is by only offering one or two styles. “I can’t say I blame them because jeggings and skinnies are really niche, but jeggings have also shown how much consumers are craving novel new stretch fabrics,” states Fidelity Denim designer and founder Jason Trotzuk. “The trick really is to offer a game changer with traditional denim bodies in order to lure the majority of consumers back to the stores. I believe that we have done exactly that with a heavy-weight stretch denim that doesn’t just improve comfort and fit but does it in leaps and bounds. Our Super Stretch is called super for a very good reason. Once the buzz gets out, I assure you that stores and denim lovers won’t be able to get enough of it. 2010 will be the year of Super Stretch.”

Unlike the light knit fabrics used in jeggings, Super Stretch, offered in two denim blends (cotton/lycra and cotton/rayon/poly), has a true 12 ounce weight with the timeless appeal of heavy denim that also shares the comfort and flex attributes more typical of performance fabrics.

The proprietary stretch characteristics of Super Stretch offer a remarkably comfortable, shape shifting compression that smoothes the leg while maintaining the look of classic, high end denim molding and holding the body with excellent memory. The four styles (Twiggy, Scoop, Stevie and Belladonna), redesigned to accommodate the new fit characteristics of Super Stretch, also benefit from the renowned design and world class styling of Jason Trotzuk and his design team at Fidelity. 

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