Sunday, February 21, 2010

Global:Integral role of color forecasting in fashion industry


Color forecasting process is one of great complexity and very much an intuitive one. It is a fundamental part of a collective process known as fashion forecasting or trend prediction, where individuals or teams attempt to accurately forecast the colors, fabrics and styles of fashionable garments and accessories that consumers will purchase in the near future, approximately two years ahead.

Color and fashion forecasting has become a more integral part of the roles of many within the industry. Designers, range developers, sourcing personnel, buyers and merchandisers and especially those who specialize in trend prediction for the purpose of selling their prediction packages to the industry all use the current forecasting system.

It is becoming increasingly important to clarify this process, both for those currently using the system and for the newcomer in order to improve forecasting. It is therefore considered that the color forecasting process is a worthwhile subject to be researched and further understood in its own right.

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