Friday, February 26, 2010

USA:Skadaddle & Dawgs to sponsor OF COURSE


Skadaddle Media, Inc a social engagement studio which develops creative and entertaining programs, campaigns, events and original content that emotionally and authentically connect with consumers and other audiences, announced it has signed a strategic marketing agreement with Dawgs Golf, a superior line of advanced-technology super-lightweight golf footwear, to sponsor OF COURSE, the first-ever animated golf-themed Web series. The new online property will debut on March 1, 2010, on on MSN, one of the world’s most popular sports Web sites.

The deal with Dawgs Golf represents the first golf apparel brand to join OF COURSE’S expanding roster of corporate sponsors, which also includes Fantasy Springs Resort Casino and its award-winning Eagle Falls Golf Course. Every OF COURSE episode is recorded live and on location during actual rounds of golf played at Eagle Falls, affiliated with, and located immediately adjacent to, Fantasy Springs in California’s Palm Springs Valley.

Conceived, written, and produced by Skadaddle Media co-founders Todd Lieman and Jon Wank, OF COURSE is a new animated, Flash-based series of five-minute Webisodes that offers a genuine, humorous and highly-entertaining look into what happens – and more importantly, what is discussed by men – on the golf course. Every other week, OF COURSE chronicles the comical golfing escapades of four long-term friends, each with his own personality and idiosyncrasies, and each facing unique personal and professional challenges.

Under the terms of the wide-ranging, brand integration agreement, Skadaddle Media will highlight Dawgs Golf’s brand identity on the hat of Doug, an OF COURSE main character, and will feature all four cast members wearing Dawgs Golf footwear throughout the show’s entire first season, which runs through November 2010. In addition, Skadaddle Media will develop and implement a multi-platform Dawgs Golf social media campaign, which includes the creation and management of its Facebook and Twitter presence, and the production of original promotional videos. The campaign is slated to launch immediately, and continue through the year. Financial terms of the corporate sponsorship are not disclosed.

“With its distinctive brand personality, innovative footwear products, passionate consumer base, and creative marketing orientation, Dawgs Golf represents an ideal addition to OF COURSE’s growing family of corporate sponsors,” said Lieman, who also plays the role of Doug in the series. “As Dawgs Golf has recognized, OF COURSE’s appeal extends far beyond its status as a golf-themed entertainment property. It also serves as a brand-new, cost-effective, and multi-platform marketing vehicle that can be leveraged to reach new and existing customers across a broad range of communications channels in more meaningful, emotional, and authentic ways.”

“As an emerging footwear company in a crowded industry segment, Dawgs Golf embraces creative, non-traditional marketing strategies and tactical programs to generate much-needed corporate and product exposure, and to clearly articulate the notable attributes of and compelling story behind the Dawgs Golf brand,” said Steve Mann, founder, president, and chief executive officer of Dawgs Golf, a division of USA Dawgs, Inc. “OF COURSE represents a perfect fit with this philosophy, and an excellent vehicle for showcasing Dawgs Golf footwear in a visible, entertaining, and authentic fashion. Additionally, the agreement with Skadaddle Media also provides Dawgs Golf with a definitive entrée into the social media realm, a program which should strongly help the company achieve robust business and marketing objectives in 2010.”

OF COURSE is a content-driven, multi-platform social media initiative. Much more than just “branded entertainment,” which potentially offers little entertainment value, poor authentic brand experiences, and limited return on investment, OF COURSE provides brands with comprehensive integration opportunities that only just begin as each Webisode debuts. 

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