Friday, February 26, 2010

USA:G-Star to concentrate on expanding monobrand retail network


Luxury denim brand G-Star announces its global plans to triple the number of monobrand flagship stores worldwide over the next five years. More aggressive measures will be employed with the U.S. market with an expected growth rate of more than 400%. "Despite the economic downturn, denim sales are still going strong," explains Camiel Slaats, the new Global Commercial Director of G-Star. "Instead of solely being a leisure wear brand, we consistently demonstrate denim can be a part of an elegant work and evening wardrobe resulting in a high rate of return on a global level."

Since its inception over twenty years ago, G-Star is not unfamiliar to steady business growth. Currently the brand has over 6,000 points of sale in 65 countries worldwide, with a turnover rate that surpasses $1 billion in annual sales. In the next five years, G-Star will concentrate on expanding its monobrand retail network from 200 stores to 750 worldwide. In the U.S., the brand is looking to grow the number of G-Star stores from 12 to 50 by 2015 with a concentration on major metropolitan areas.

G-Star is currently seeking to achieve monobrand retail growth by attracting new franchisees using a distinctive franchise model. "'The G-Star Retail Solution Concept' showcases denim in its purest form and offers a variety of business models that suit many local retail environments," explains Slaats. Each G-Star monobrand store highlights the men's, women's and accessories collections in an environment that conveys the philosophy, design aesthetic and raw authenticity of the brand. The uniform global look is rough, stylish, pure and functional.

With G-Star's prospective expansion plans and unique retail design model a more distinctive and prevalent brand presence will be conveyed to consumers worldwide. 

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