Saturday, December 26, 2009

Russia:Autumn mood sounds in Finn Flare


Autumn is the best season for a brand new start. A Finn Flare Autumn 2009 Collection is not only 500 items that can help change your look as well as life, but it also offers comfort and utility that have been a long recognized signature of the Finnish brand.

Autumn mood sounds in the Paris and Vintage Fusion lines. The Paris line is full of romanticism and French delicacy. Intricate cuts, unsymmetrical clasps, volumetric waists, puffed sleeves, elegant balloon and godey silhouettes give a sense of Parisian chic to each element. The Vintage Fusion line is a modern interpretation of English classic style. Trendy for this season will be dim stone washed textiles of calm colors with bright accents of dark-red (Crimson) and dusty green (Mint).

Girls who prefer dynamic and yet laconic style, will benefit from the Military line. Jackets and trousers of an austere style with false pockets and coarse buttons, fitted shirts, clinched capris will accentuate a strong will of their wearer.

The Victorians Estate line, the Estate line and the Forgotten Engraving line underlie the Men’s Casual collection. The Victorians Estate line is a mix of European aristocratic style with military elements and Orient patterns. The Estate line gives its wearers elegance and utility of classic urban style. Windbreakers and raincoats of classic style, soft and cozy knitwear, and elegant accessories will make your life comfortable in a noisy megapolis. The Forgotten Engraving line is more relaxed and democratic. Stone washed textiles, ingenious false elements, combinations of patterns, unsymmetrical prints, decorative stitches, textile inserts in knitwear, along with the use of classic color palette will make an image of a traveler more exquisite and impressive.

The Autumn Finn Flare Active collection has emerged from extreme aesthetics and dynamics of motorbiking. The Women’s Active line offers bright fleeces and puffed jackets with multiple elements, glamorous metallic vests, ingenious long- sleeved t-shirts with prints on them. Constructivism is emphasized in the Men’s line with 3D prints as key decorative patterns.

The autumn collection is complemented with a wide assortment of footwear, accessories and bijouterie. In the new season of particular interest will be a collection of varnished leather footwear and accessories. Luxurious fitted reptile textured boots and bags, stylish booties, and moccasins will add fashion touches to your wardrobe.  

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