Wednesday, December 30, 2009

UK:Wool and fabric jewellery to hit fashion world


We believe this to be true because we have found a designer/maker who knits, crochets and screen prints fabric to make fabulous jewellery. So we are pleased to announce that Rose Sharp Jones has joined the makers-online website.

Rose is a textile designer who makes a gorgeous range of products, she graduated with a M.A in textile design in 2008. All her designs are original and hand made using environmentally friendly material.
She pushes the boundaries of contemporary Jewellery design.

By using 100% wool yarn she makes fabulous 'funky chunky', button bracelets which are not only for women to wear but are great for little girls. They can be worn to liven up a simple t-shirt or on a coat or bag as decoration. They are young and fun and will brighten up your day.

To complement her jewellery designs Rose also makes knitted accessories her incredible 'gorgeously warm', crocheted mitten's made from soft organic wool and dyed with natural pigments are a great practical addition to her range.

So is there a future for wool/fabric jewellery? well, we believe there is, its great for young girls, the products are safe and fun to wear, they can be quirky, colourful and fresh and are guaranteed to brush off the drearies in anyone's day. 

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