Monday, December 21, 2009

USA:lia sophia says jewelry can be used to accent physical features


Have you ever wished you had a different face shape, a longer neck or a more striking appearance? You're not alone. Women shop for clothing that brings out their bodies' best features. However, many women may not realize that something as simple as jewelry can also make a positively profound difference in their appearance.

"There are so many possibilities when it comes to jewelry. A necklace, bracelet or earrings can help you transition from work to night life, casual to formal, and even make you look slimmer," said Bonni Davis, Vice President of Sales for lia sophia. "With a twist to the typical New Year's resolution of weight loss, our mission is to show how jewelry can enhance a woman's physical appearance.”

For example, Davis suggests women highlight their best physical features with accessories. "To accentuate their neckline, women can wear a mid-length necklace; to keep with the trends, try out a multi-colored beaded necklace," Davis said. In addition, to bring attention to their hands, women can try out large cocktail rings in silver and black or those featuring dark colors.

In contrast, Davis said there are ways women can flatter their least favorite parts of their bodies. For women who have short necks, silver or gold oval-shaped, hoop earrings will be much more flattering to the ear and will make your face look slightly thinner. If you find that your fingers are on the shorter side, replace bold, chunky rings and rings that have a vertical design with classic bands or other elegant-looking ring styles.

"By changing the design of jewelry you wear, you can change your whole appearance and how you are perceived by others," Davis said. "We all have things that we wish we could change about ourselves, but we want women to enter the New Year with confidence and have even higher self-esteem about their look." 

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