Saturday, December 5, 2009

USA:A new versatile fashion accessory - SKARF debuts


No matter how you wrap it, scarves have become more than just an article of clothing for warming the head, neck and shoulders. They have become an integral fashion accessory, produced in a multitude of styles, varying in length, thickness, textures, and colors. To make your personal fashion statement, SKARF was created to be a flexible all-season product which can be altered to suit your wardrobe needs – with just a simple twist of a few strands.

Uniting the individual strands is an engraved wooden disc called the SKARF joint which allows you to adjust the accessory to a desired fullness. Whether strands are unlaced from the joint down to a single one or two - ideal for a headband or wrist wrap, SKARF can be relaced, tied, or woven, for a fuller version perfect for the waist or neck. Any way you like it - Knot it. Braid it. Tie it. Weave it. Wrap it. Embellish it. Divide it. Mix it. Work it! SKARF it.

SKARF is made from organic, recycled or industry off-cut materials, sourced and specially handcrafted in the USA. Each SKARF is approximately 80” in length and available in neutrals – Black, Natural, Charcoal gray, Galapagos - a grapey gray - or add a strike of color with the richly lime-hued California Dreamin’, the Blue Island Dreaming, or Mint Shake. You may also prefer to SKARF the black and gray tones of Snake Black Boa. SKARF is finding its way into select boutiques around the US from Portland to San Francisco, Los Angeles to New York, including its initial debut in Fred Segal – Los Angeles.

How did scarf become SKARF? The original term SKARF originates from the fusion of the Old Swedish term skarv which means cutting, carving, shredding, with the traditional English term scarf - a long piece of cloth worn about the head, neck, or shoulders. Los Angeles based SKARF designer, Carrie Wiley, SKARF'ed her pug Kahlua enough to create the first version for her, and now you can understand how the two terms became a bit twisted. SKARF, SKARF! SKARF is an accessories line taking great care to use eco-sensitive materials and socially responsible manufacturing. Sourced from recycled newspaper, and pressed by hand, even the SKARF tag strives to spread a little good news in the world. 

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