Wednesday, December 2, 2009

USA:Look amazing this holiday in Lavalife & Megaro collection


Ask any single woman and she will tell you, with a weary roll of her eyes, that living alone is much more expensive than being partnered. So in this economy, how can a single gal make sure she looks great for every holiday date and party on the cheap? Lavalife, a leader in providing products and services designed for singles for over 20 years, and sought-after celebrity stylist Colin Megaro, whose best-dressed actors include Carrie Preston, Michael Emmerson, Brooke Hogan, Shayne Lamas and more, introduce Closet Swap Parties. For singles, these events are an ironclad way of insuring a new, fabulous item of clothing or accessory this Christmas season. Plus it's a great way to trade a not-so-coveted closet item for something else while saving on holiday shopping.

Here's how it works. Every girl has something in her closet that's in good shape but for whatever reason, never gets worn. Maybe it still has the tags on it. It could be those super-hot stilettos that were priced to move but are just too painful to wear. Or perhaps it's a gorgeous satin clutch that's too small to fit a Blackberry or a stunning fake cocktail ring that looks too much like a dream engagement ring to wear out on the town. Singles simply gather at someone's house and start swapping.

"Singles should be daring over the holiday season, test-driving new looks with confidence," says Kim Hughes, Lavalife's dating and relationship expert. "If they admire their best girlfriend's bohemian style but are normally too buttoned-up to wear an armful of bangles, now is the time to try it out. By trading items instead of buying them, the risks become manageable. Think of it as a kind of Tupperware Party for urban fashionistas who don't cook let alone own Tupperware. "

To ensure gorgeous singles across North America, Lavalife called upon stylist Megaro, who has traveled the globe offering his on-point advice, from Los Angeles to New York to Paris to Milan. Megaro hones in on his signature skill - shopping your closet - to deck out singles for the holiday and find fabulous items for a swap party.

"The first and best place to shop when getting ready for the holiday season is your own closet. Many people don't even know what great gems they have hidden in there," explains Megaro. "Spend a Sunday afternoon going through your closet, look for classic pieces that you can update with a new accessory or have tailored for a great new look. Take items that have been worn only a few times, get them dry cleaned, polished or pressed and wrap them up for a perfect holiday swap gift."

Here are some tips for every woman, whether single, soccer mom or celebrity, to look amazing this holiday season, without breaking the bank. 

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