Friday, December 25, 2009

USA:OGIO offers golfers new diverrse array of bag styles, colors


Tattoos and tans. Baggy surfer shorts and pin-thin slacks. Crew cuts and mop tops. A stroll through the mall is no longer the only place to spot such varied fashion; today, a quick visit to the local muni can offer the same visual schizophrenia.

With the modern golfer demographic representing a wider range of ages, incomes, and lifestyles, the demand for beyond-basic-black golf bags has exploded. And who better than OGIO to deliver the goods?

This season, OGIO is unveiling a surprising yet confident array of colors and styles for golfers of all walks of life. "It's no longer the country-club-Polo-wearing crowd that's dominating the field," explains Tom Gocke, the company's global VP of Golf. "Today, it wouldn't be shocking to find a foursome comprised of a C.F.O., a work-at-home Mom, a grad student and a tattoo artist. They may have diverse styles, but they all share a passion for the game. Our new line is designed to cater to their unique personalities while still delivering consistently solid performance on the course."

Some of OGIO's ground-breaking 2010 styles include:

- Apple: This bright natural green pops against gray and black backgrounds.
- Blackwatch Plaid: The game's most iconic pattern takes on a contemporary flair in OGIO's capable hands, with a blue-on-green plaid interrupted with solid color blocking.
- Cord: Wide whale stripes in cappuccino corduroy evoke the retro-chic style of the 70's.
- Hoth: Various shades of steely gray are teamed with a dusky blue in creating an urban camouflage look.
- Koi: Tonal black-on-black still delivers loads of style with this fluid and feminine pattern that blends subtle florals with soft perforated patterns.
- Ladapus: A modern spin on argyle teams gray and royal blue in a bold geometric.
- Onslaught: Channel surf at high speeds, and grab random images from each station. Then stitch these screen shots together in a semi-cohesive pattern. The result: a visual onslaught for the modern golfer.
- Plaidapus: OGIO hits its best angles with a combination of turquoise, mossy green, and black in an attention-grabbing geometric design that could hold its own in the Museum of Modern Art.
- Prizmata: If Transformers took time off to golf, this would be their on-course weapon of choice: an angular gray pattern shocked with red color blocking that looks like it could transform itself at any moment.
- Sherlock Plaid: It doesn't come with a pipe or fog machine, but this mossy green and orange combination looks every bit the part of its namesake nonetheless.

OGIO INTERNATIONAL's stylish golf bags are available immediately through most golf specialty stores nationwide, as well as sporting goods stores and green grass shops.  

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