Sunday, May 16, 2010

France:Napa & Amazona: Loewe gets colorful for summer


Loewe has unveiled a collection dedicated to napa, the world's finest lightweight leather, and has revisited the Amazona to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the iconic handbag.

Used by Loewe for over a century, napa leather is a uniquely exceptional Spanish leather, made from a special breed of lamb found only on the slopes of the Pyrenees.

It is buffed by hand and then polished between glass rollers to a thickness of just 0.7 mm. The refinement of the leather is enhanced by its incomparable evenness and lightness.

The handbags, purses, key holders and wallets in the collection come in colors that are both eye-popping—including orange, magenta, and turquoise—and sophisticated, with black, beige and navy blue.

Decorated with a napa tassel and lined in ultralight satin, each of the models features the distinctive jagged seam edges and a tone-on-tone embossed Loewe Anagram signature.

Created in 1975, the Amazona is the iconic Loewe bag, emblematic of the brand's heritage.

To celebrate its 35th anniversary, Loewe artistic director Stuart Vevers has created 20 limited edition handbags in a lively pallet of colors, including orange red, Modena, aubergine, mossy green, beige and royal blue.

He selected the softest leathers from the Loewe workshops to propose models in napa, calfskin, and goatskin. The entire range is available in metallic, patent-leather or soft-grained finishes.

To better spotlight the functional elegance of the Amazona, Loewe called on London-based photographer Nigel Shafran.

Suspended in a tree or set on a chair, the iconic bag is staged in different locations in Madrid, a nod to the origins of Loewe, which was founded in the Spanish capital 164 years ago.

Contemporary and authentic, the Napa collection and new interpretations of the Amazona confirm Loewe's inimitable creativity and leathermaking savoir-faire.

It was in 1872 when Enrique Loewe Roessberg, a German craftsman specialized in leather working, decided to join forces with the workshop owners and establish the brand. Enrique Loewe brought his precision and technique and Spain its sensuality, creativity and peerless expertise in leather.

In 1996, celebrating the brand’s 150 year anniversary, LVMH took over the ownership of the brand. 

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