Monday, May 10, 2010

Romania:Romanian designs 12 inch stilettos


A Romanian footwear designer, Mihai Albu, has introduced new pair of sandals in the market that helps raise the height of a woman by 12 inches (31 centimetres).

Although these stilettos are compared with skyscrapers due to their towering heels, it might also have something to do with their price, as in a country where the average wage of an individual is Euro 450 (US $575) these handmade stilettos are priced at Euro 1,200 ($1,525)

According to Albu, apart from being fashionable, long heels are advantageous for women who don’t have long legs and also help reposition the waist.

Last month, boutiques in Washington displayed an array of footwear mainly platforms, which were only 1.5 inches (3.8 centimetres) and the stilettos were 4.5 inches (11.4 centimetres) in height.

However, as per a chief editor of a fashion magazine, late British designer, Alexander McQueen died in February this year and for his last collection he had used, 12 inches heels.

More so, this editor also informed that, although they might look impractical, but there existed women who were brave enough to carry them, which in turn created attention for them and the designer.

Since he was an architect before, Albu now blends maths, architecture and art in his creations that make his footwear look more like sculptures than regular footwear.

He utilises French leather and styles it with jewels, mirrors, taps and feathers, which attract Romanian women to their evergreen love affair.

Despite being highly-priced, according to Albu, his order books are getting full with dozens of orders for his new-footwear collection.

Other than its height, Albu’s footwear also depicts various designing facets depending on the angle, such as his new creation is a 12.2 inch (31 centimetre) stiletto made out of three black wedge sandals and it comes only in small sizes.

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