Wednesday, May 19, 2010

UK:International revenue Duo continues to grow


Cat Travers, PR and advertising manager at Frome-based Duo, is rightly proud that customers of the businesses four UK branches and fast-growing mail order service are offered 21 different calf-size options in ladies’ boots and 3 widths in shoes.

“Most stores offer just one calf size for boots and one foot width but everyone is different. Calf-size particularly is a critical factor for anyone buying boots,” she says. “You wouldn’t expect bras in only one cup size, would you?!”

This is just one of the ways Duo differs from ordinary footwear retailers. Stylish, bespoke products at an affordable price combined with an unwavering commitment to customer service, has driven the company forward since its creation some 35 years ago to make Duo the global leader of the niche fitted boot market. “A fashionable, stylish, high-quality product that doesn't depend on the standard 'one-size-fits-all' approach means that women of all ages and sizes have the choice and freedom to wear boots.” continues Cat. “We love what we do and our customers appreciate what we have to offer”.

The focus on quality and design has seen Duo, unlike many footwear companies, stay loyal to the small, family-owned manufacturers in Western Europe with whom they have worked for years, rather than transferring production to the cheaper Far East. Whilst the quality and attention to detail has remained, Duo has embraced enthusiastically the opportunities e-commerce offers. This international expansion has taken place since Nick Sinfield joined as Managing Director six years ago. Under his direction Duo has increased its number of stores in the UK and fully embraced internet marketing. Duo now has Dutch, German and French-language versions of its website and every month, international revenue continues to grow.

In product terms, as Duo builds a worldwide market, its focus is on product appearance just as much as on fit. “This is vital as many people are not prepared to sacrifice style for comfort,” says Cat. “We are a fashion brand that pays more attention to the fit of our products than the majority of our competitors and our expertise and caring ethos means we can offer unrivalled customer service.” 

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