Thursday, May 6, 2010

USA:Oops Jeans spices up your look


Zulu Gear announces its new collection of Oops Jeans and they are like nothing consumers have ever seen before. With a little touch of the 60's and a whole lot of the future, Zulu Gear's 'Oops' Jeans by stylist/designer Mario Luccianni is getting lots of attention.

Mario, a big fan of the environment, believes that restyling jeans is one way of preserving materials in our environment. 'Oops' Jeans are usually jeans that were purchased and 'spiced up' with all sorts of funky designs. All designs are artist-made and no machines were used. The chances of someone showing up at a party or event wearing the same design is just not going to happen because no two pair of Zulu Gears' Oops jeans are alike.

Mario also denies rumors or would not speculate on the matter that he recently designed a special pair of Oops Jeans for Britain's Wild and Royal "Heart -Throb" Prince Harry.

With New York and Salt Lake City ties, designer Mario Luccianni (Terrance) enjoys snowboarding, (What's up with all these designers that have to change their names? P Diddy, Puffy Combs, Sean John, etc. -- who knows), and spending time with his son.

Many of Zulu Gear's designs can be found online, while others can be seen at up coming apparel markets world wide. In a special promotion Zulu Gear is offering to take consumers product on the road with them and be displayed along side of theirs. This could include, but not limited to fashion show runways. 

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