Wednesday, August 4, 2010

India:You don’t possess a Xylys, it possesses you


Xylys, the premium Swiss made watch brand from the house of Titan , redefines itself with an all new campaign that embodies the irrational desirability of the brand. The new creative expression is carefully designed to reflect the effect Xylys watches have on their consumers. The stunning designs have captured the hearts of many watch connoisseurs. The brand thought is encapsulated in the words “You don’t possess a Xylys, it possesses you”.

Post the launch in 2006, the brand has seen the volume doubling between 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 and is growing at about 33% since then. Xylys is all set to sharpen its positioning that is expected to connect with its consumers at a deeper level. The new identity reflects the attitude, lifestyle and personality of the new generation consumer.

New Xylys Campaign –“Obsessive Desire”
The new Xylys film is about a popular and happening man becoming completely withdrawn and besotted with the object of his fascination, a Xylys watch. It is a story of a man’s obsession, with his Xylys watch. He is so magnetically attracted to the watch that he becomes oblivious to the world around him. Falling in love can do strange things and that is perhaps what happens to him after he acquires his beautifully crafted Xylys watch.

According to Ms. Suparna Mitra, Global Head - Marketing, Titan Watches “Following the successful launch of Xylys in 2006, we have decided to re-invigorate the brand and give it an imagery that will enable us to engage, entertain and connect with our consumers better. The new campaign communicates a simple story while reinforcing the brand’s enhanced positioning.”

“You see it all around you, people treating their bikes, cell phones, etc as their sweethearts. I’ve even heard of a woman who married her laptop! That’s where the idea comes from,” says Mr. Mukund Sharma, Creative Head, Rediffusion Y&R Bangalore.

Adds Mr.Arun Kumar, Creative Head, Rediffusion Y&R, Bangalore: “In all consumer research the strongest thing that came out was the product design and the irrational pull it created. We have tried to weave a story on this product truth and push the limit on what Xylys can do to the user.”

Conceptualised by the creative team at Rediffusion Y&R, Bangalore the new Xylys TVC is on air across leading channels with focussed reach. 

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